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Rema calls Wizkid a Legend he Inspired Him To Do Music

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Wizkid is a legend that inspires me and my generation Rema reveals

The “Commando” Singer in a recent question and answer session on his Instagram page made several comments about his love life, music, and forthcoming fame. When asked whether had a girlfriend, he gave an affirmative answer explaining that his ex just didn’t deserve him.

Speaking on whether he was influenced by Wizkid or not, Rema called the “Joro” singer a legend and went on to speak about how legends have inspired his generation and how he also intends to be an inspiration to the next generation so as to preserve his legacy. “A Legend, yes. Many legends have inspired this generation and part of our goal is to inspire the next. Its the only way our legacy can be preserved.”

Rema also spoke on how he deals with negative side talks. According to him, even Jesus was not left out from that as he was also crucified even after the love he showed people. Rema said he won’t let fame and negative side talks prevent him from fulfilling his purpose just as Jesus did in his time.

The son of God was crucified even with all the love he showed the people of this world. That didn’t stop him from fulfilling his promise. In fact, it was part of the purpose today as his legacy remains. Our new generation’s crucifixion takes place on the internet or in the gatherings of many men with so much envies in their hearts, but that won’t stop me from fulfilling my purpose.

I know of many legends who swarm in the rivers of love only to be hated today because of the life they lived behind closed doors. Seeking fame can not make me pose on social media to be who I’m not just to be loved. I grew up different and it shared my personality for I will not succumb to the will of men for there will be no happiness in me feeding their thirst. We are all sinners but fame has made us even more vulnerable to the extent that sinners now count our sins, But I guess its part of the price to pay for the fame.

Lastly, his advice to broke niggas was a simple message – stay patient, act a fool, and pray. He wrote: “Change your mindset, change the laws that guide this realm, Watch your friends, believe in your vision, listen more, mind your business, sow your seeds, prepare for sacrifices to be made, stay patient, and most of all, act a fool and pray.”

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